Blending Antioxidants & Blending Stabilizers

Closely co-operating on R&D with many famous research institutes for long time, our company has been developing a series products of Blending antioxidants and stabilizers based on our nearly 50 years of experience on manufacturing chemical additives. These products are widely used by many petrochemical enterprises and plastics manufacturers.
Tianjin Lisheng created "cool-cutting granulation technology of unsupported Blending Antioxidants" in our country, designed and completed the whole production line by itself. This unique advanced technology is serving for the plastic manufacturing and processing industry. In order to catching multiple requests of customers, we can provide granulated chemical additives in all shapes and sizes without any negative effects on their chemical structural functions according to our customers' chemical directions.

At present, our company has developed some Blending additives by itself as follows:
General chemical additives: B220, B561, B1411, B1412etc.
Special Blending Antioxidants & Blending Stabilizers: P131, P141, P151, P152, etc.
Special series for synthetic materials used for electricity: E504, E505 E506, etc.
Special materials for plastic apple bags: SM-1 and SM-2.

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